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BRRRRCOT - Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Winter Power Demand
An article by • Published Feb 19, 2021
There isn't much that can be said about Brrrrcot (ERCOT Blackouts during winter storms) that hasn't been said. Texas, known for its staunch independence and deregulatory stances, faced a perfect storm of power demand spikes with supply losses, resulting in millions of Texans without power, some for upwards of days, and rolling blackouts to stabilize the grid. Its a black-eye for the State, for politicians, for the Energy & Power industry, for ERCOT and other regulatory bodies involved, for fossil fuels and renewables. Flatly is was a total system collapse. It will be interesting to see how Brrrrcot impacts the big push into renewables Texas has made in recent years, described previously here.

Daily ERCOT Electricity Demand Peaked Above Summer Cooling Demand Highs at Nearly 3-Standard Deviations Above Average Demand

Fossil fuels stepped up. Of the top-30 load days in ERCOT during the last year, four of the recent days in mid-February represent 4 of the top-5 percentage of generation from coal, nuclear and natural gas.

When stressed, the ERCOT system relied on fossil fuel generation

Natural gas generation exceeded summer peak generation

Wind generation underperformed due largely to frozen turbines

Solar generation underperformed off a small base