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Tyson 4Q2020 Earnings Recap
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on Nov 16, 2020
Highlights from the earnings release:
Adjusted EPS of $5.64 (52-week basis), up 3% from prior year
We expect sales to be $42 billion to $44 billion for fiscal 2021.
we expect capital expenditures to be approximately $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion
net interest expense to approximate $440 million for fiscal 2021
Highlights from the earnings call:
We had $540 million indirect incremental COVID-19 cost for the full year, including about $300 million of thank you bonuses and other benefits paid directly to our team members for their efforts
While quick service restaurants are close to or better than pre-COVID levels, full-service restaurants continue to operate at about 80% of normal with wide variations by geography, while schools and cafeterias are operating at levels significantly below normal
we delivered almost $1 billion of operating income for the fourth quarter in spite of the negative impacts of $200 million associated with COVID 19
Here is a link to Tyson's investor presentation earlier this year.

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