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The Politics of Power - Renewable Energy and the Fallacy of the Red/Blue Divide
Published Oct 26, 2020
  • In July 2020, three Republican states (TX, OK, IA) generated more wind & solar electricity generation on a trailing-12-month basis than all 20 Democratic states, plus Washington, D.C. combined

  • Nearly 30% of the Democratic state power stack is generated from renewable power vs 15% for the Republican state power stack, but Red states generate more renewable power than Blue states

  • Republican states generate just over 50% of all renewable power in the US currently, but 2/3 of all wind and solar power

  • Texas dominates U.S. wind and solar renewable scene at nearly 25% of U.S. generation, an amount totaling over 70% of all wind and solar generation from Blue states

Its election season in the USA and nothing says America like baseball, apple pie and political divisiveness - including political debate and angst over how Power is produced in this country, in particular renewable energy. Even politicians in states that have embraced renewables can't help but politicize them. Just recently, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw - whose state produces more than two times the wind and solar of California - said of solar and wind electricity generation:
“So these things don’t work.....These are silly solutions. They’re no solutions at all.”

Texas Produces Nearly 2.5x the Wind + Solar of California

Wind and solar renewable electricity generation broken down by the 2016 election results shows Red states generating 2/3 of all US wind and solar power. (For the purpose of the rest of this analysis, Red States are the 30 states whose electoral college votes voted Republican in the 2016 election, whereas Blue States represent the 20 states, plus DC that voted Democrat)
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