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Unhedged is a financial platform that curates valuable information with institutional-quality data and features, accessible to all users.
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Unhedged Feature Set
Zero Ads
Rich Data
A professional-grade platform built for consumers. Unique, exclusive features built to help you discover & organize information. Use our one-of-a-kind workflow management tools to save & share your research.
Real-Time Market Data
Unhedged provides real-time market data for all US-listed equities and ETFs. Use our charting or download the data to a spreadsheet.
Save from Twitter
Unhedged is tightly integrated with Twitter's API, allowing users to freely share information to Twitter. Our Twitter Service, 'HedgeClip', allows users to easily save tweets from Twitter to the Unhedged platform. Users can then save any tweet to their Pods or simply use our powerful filtering tools to organize your saved tweets.
SEC Filings
Our database is a real-time replica of the SEC’s own database, including over 25 years of history for every entity or filer that has ever filed with the SEC. Reading and searching transcripts on our platform is an easy experience, and users can highlight and take notes, and share notes with others. Users can also export HTML tables from SEC filings to a spreadsheet such as Excel.
Institutional Fundamental Data
Our platform provides historical financial data, forward estimates, and corporate events. Our data is powered by a combination of our proprietary systems and institutional-quality data providers.
Pods & Workflow Tools
Our site features a first-of-its-kind drag & drop feature that allows users to save and organize ANY data or information on our platform in user-named Pod. Further, users can easily import information from other sites, including automatically importing tweets from Twitter to save and organize. Our tools are built to empower collaborative research, but users can also save items privately.
Earnings Transcripts
We have comprehensive earnings transcripts with complete history. Our transcripts can be highlighted, and users can take notes on the transcripts and save these notes to our platform’s Pod system. Users can share highlights and notes with other users.
Curated News & Press Releases
Tired of seeing too much junk and noise in a company’s so-called ‘newsfeed’? Our platform curates the news for you, and we only provide news from company-issued press releases and reputable sources. Avoid the noise and get to the source!
Powerful Data Search
Unhedged’s search engine allows you to quickly discover the highest quality news and social media available. Our search tools allow you to search keywords and phrases within transcripts, SEC filings, and company press releases.
Elevate Your Profile
Publish your workflow to elevate your profile and expertise! Unhedged is the only site where users can readily cite primary-source documents with highlights, annotations & notes to fully demonstrate your workflow & research processes. Show off your high quality research and elevate your profile!
Contact Us
Unhedged is developed with YOU in mind and as such, we value your feedback. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns or requests you have to help us improve!
If you have any pre-registration questions or concerns, we are happy to assist, just email questions to support@unhedged.com
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