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About Unhedged
Unhedged is a modern platform for financial & market research, analysis and collaboration.
The website was launched in early 2020 and is still in beta as our team develops additional features and adds more data. Our goal over time is to offer subscription-based access priced to higher value features & data at less than $25 per year. We intend to keep certain features and products free indefinitely. We also offer an enterprise solution for internal use cases, which includes a custom subdomain, private & secure databases and customized home page and dashboards for your data. Please contact us. to learn more.
This website is 100% ad-free, and has many key features:
Comprehensive market & fundamental data, including real-time market prices, earnings transcripts, earnings estimates, valuation metrics & comparable company analysis, curated Twitter feeds with powerful historical search capabilities, SEC filings and press releases.
Productivity tools designed to dramatically simplify your research process. All documents can be highlighted, and highlights can automatically added into our custom note taking tool. The highlights in notes automatically link back to the source document, allowing complete accuracy and instant auditing.
Views allow users to create customized dashboards to track portfolios, stocks, hashtags and other data in real-time. Views are fully customizable and users can re-order and re-size various items in the dashboard.
Folders allow our users to organize documents and create projects aggregating information and data from any source.
For a free demo or additional inquiries, please contact us.
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