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The Politics of Power Part Deux
2 months ago
The EIA Monthly Electric Generator Inventory report came out in late December. Included in that report is a list of all currently operating power plants in the U.S., in addition to an inventory of all planned power projects by size, location and power source. We dug into and analyzed the data on a 'Red/Blue' basis.
Monthly China EV Sales
2 months ago
Whats Driving The Recent Sentiment Shift Around Stitch Fix
2 months ago
Stitch Fix stock has almost doubled in less than two weeks following its 1Q21 earnings results where it announced that revenue grew 10% in the first quarter, beating consensus estimates of 8% growth. The company also announced that it expects FY2021 revenue growth of 20 to 25% year over year, above consensus estimates of 17% growth.
UBS TMT Conference
3 months ago
Snowflake 3Q21 Review
3 months ago
Total revenue for the quarter was $159.6 million, up 20% sequentially and 119% year-over-year growth. Product revenue, which is based on platform consumption, was $148.5 million, up 115% year over year
Zoom: What Now?
3 months ago
Target's Digital Strategy Drives Massive Share Gains
3 months ago
Target has been among the best performing retail stocks this year. The stock is up over 40% year to date, outperforming retail peers such as Walmart and Costco.